Woman Without Paint is Like Food Without Salt
Vogue paris march 2016 kaleidoscopoe


Marie-Pascale Lafrenière’s creative research revolves around questions of the female representation in pop culture. From a feminist perspective, she investigates how the way women are depicted in mass media and social media affect the development of identity and mental well-being of female youth. Often drawing on her own fight with mental health, she uses auto-ethnography to connect her experience with the greater story.

In her performances, videos, and photographs, she re-appropriates the tools and languages of pop culture to challenge its promotion of patriarchal ideas. By doing so, she works towards a deconstruction of the female stereotypes and new ownership of the female body. Her main goals are to convey a sense of validation and relatability from the audience and to participate in the social changes initiated by the feminist movement. Lafrenière graduated from her B.A. at the Université du Québec in Outaouais in 2017, and she is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine-Arts at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver BC.

During her residency at DE-CONSTRUKT, Lafrenière intends to experiment further with the integration of pop culture elements into her artworks as she did in her most recent video Until Your Nose Bleeds (2018). She will also be exploring the female body as fragments in media art and performance, as result of an injury at her dominant hand, forcing her to rethink her life and practice to embrace the needs of her body.

Farm Stories
Farm Girl in a Gallery
Farm Feed


Katie Lee Mansfield is a conceptual artist and educator living in Boston, MA. She holds two Master of Fine Arts degrees from The University of Connecticut (with a focus on photography and sculpture) and Tufts University (with a focus on performance and installation).

Mansfield’s artwork is influenced by her upbringing. She often turns to her family’s farmstead to explore concepts of rural American identity. Working across several disciplines, she consistently uses her body as a mode of expression and critique of class hierarchy, familial relationships, mental illness, queer identity, and rural American history. Mansfield creates work that poses sociological questions that are often complex and dynamic.

In 2017 she was awarded a Tufts University travel grant to pursue her project Queerness within Rural Recreation; the International Gay Rodeo and in 2018 was awarded a Montague travel grant to pursue project American Cowboy Archetypal Culture in Japan. She has shown work both nationally and internationally, was a participant in the performance art festival Temporal and Corporal: A Broad Scope of Performance at Ohio University, Athens in 2018 and curated Strength in Numbers, a four-woman show up at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston until August 2018. Mansfield was an artist in residence at Blue House Gallery and Studios in Dayton, OH in 2017 and in 2019 will be a Nocturne resident at Ayatana Artist Research Program in Ottawa, Canada.
Her latest work, Farm Stories, examines autobiographical childhood stories of life on the farm, told while she brushes the teeth of a cow skull and while an audience volunteer brushes hers. The nurturing act of cleaning is clouded by difficult tales of poor rural survival, food, and death. A black ski mask is worn and brings notions of shame while poetically expressing pain. The stage is set with red-orange wallpaper picturing repeat images of a rusting antique tractor.

While at DE-CONSTRUKT, Mansfield plans to research the culture around fishing in Brooklyn. She will spend her days on the piers of Red Hook exploring the connection of landscape and city, sport and necessity, as well as tradition and history. Through an experimental and grassroots approach, Mansfield will interview, witness and participate in pier fishing practice. A final project will come to fruition at the finale of her residency, one that is yet to be known but will take the shape of her experiential knowledge.

Rebecca Sylvia Posner


Rebecca Sylvia Posner is a multi-media artist working across disciplines of drawing, writing, experimental music and performance. She creates solo and collaborative works that explore human myth-making and mine the boundary between internal and shared experience.

Also an educator, yogic bodyworker, and great lover of the strange and unusual, Rebecca’s projects include radical learning experiences and out-of-the-ordinary event production. Her creations and happenings have occurred within such entities as the Brooklyn Museum, a Queens storefront, an antique diner, ATM vestibule, turn-of-the-century hotel, bookstore basement, and various other art havens in NYC and beyond.

She holds an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College, as well as an MA in Education from Clark University. She is the founder of SOMA School, a mobile embodied learning project that explores the intersection of art practices and healing modalities, which will have its first residency at De-Construkt [projekts] in June 2018.

A decade-long Brooklyn resident, Rebecca wandered into DE-CONSTRUKT on a whim back in 2013. She was immediately inspired by the possibilities of the space and the experimental vision of its community. Since then, Rebecca has worked with DE-CONSTRUKT to produce a range of events from an experimental music series to a re-wilding dinner and a giant indoor picnic artist salon. She’s delighted to be curator-in-residence for the months of May and June 2018, where she is producing the first series of SOMA School, a mobile embodied learning project that explores the intersection of art practices and healing modalities. She is simultaneously pursuing development of her own work alongside the resident artists, whose unique disciplines and cultural perspectives shed new light on her personal process and socio-political context.

TWEEZERS, Christine Mackey
POTENTIALS, Christine Mackey
PLANTS PANTS, Christine Mackey
TWEEZERS, Christine Mackey


Christine Mackey is the May artist in residency, studio-based at The Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland, she is a current holder of a Fulbright Artist Research Scholarship in the States pursuing independent research on the ecological and often at times antagonistic relationships between plants and the world of humans.

Christine has developed her practice through place-specific/context driven international residency programmes with recent endeavors taking place at Museum of English Rural Life (MERL), where she co-collaborated with a Men’s Shed group in the re-imaginings of a Chicken coop ‘Home Grown Housing’; through The Observatory Residency, in England, she discovered Asparagus Setaceus growing in the Vine House at Beaulieu a descendent from Lady Cecil Kerr’s wedding bouquet in 1889, which led to the work ‘Silent Needles Speaking Flowers’ a visual and textual exploration on the social bond of plants to humans and currently she has work in the group exhibition Common Ground at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, ‘To Draw in the Footsteps of Ghosts’ a multi-disciplinary installation that pursues the historic planting of 51 woodlands in Northern Ireland, the people involved and the evolution of these sites.

During her residency Christine will be pursuing new research on the historical, political and biodynamical and economic ecologies of plant life through the subject of the seed, tampered through a historical agricultural programme known as the Atomic Seed Gardening – a post-war project that was part of the ‘Atoms For Peace’ program, which attempted to find more ‘peaceful’ uses for atomic energy. Part of this process will include the development of work on how to embed multiple narratives and ideas around the process of ‘interpolation’ explored as a disruptive tool and how this interruption may take form.

Krista Dragomer
Krista Dragomer, Deception Desire


We are pleased to introduce our newest member of DE-CONSTRUKT, Krista Dragomer. Krista is an artist living and working in Red Hook, who comes to us with a love of community building and experience facilitating art residencies. Krista will be working to establish new programming geared to community connections and support for artists, as well as providing auxiliary administrative support to keep the residency running smoothly and to help it grow.

Krista Dragomer is a multi-media artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an MFA in Art History, Visual Art and Theory from the University of British Columbia and her work has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Dragomer’s practice explores the permeable boundary between states of being, forms of life, non-life, and all that eludes categorization altogether. The works probe the complex internal and external worlds we move between, recognizing that even the simple act of breathing involves a dense traffic of energy, emotion, pollen, pollution, vapors, and viruses which continuously change the landscapes we traverse and those we contain.


Rik Beck
Urban Tracks, Rik Beck
Urban Tracks, Rik Beck
Urban Tracks, Rik Beck


Rik Beck is an artist, curator, and a social worker living and working in Germany. Rik has participated in projects all over the world, including Berlin, Ghana, and Kyrgyzstan. In Stuttgart where she resides, Rick gave lectures on urban planning in the university. Currently, she is a teacher of urban sketching for adults at V.H.S. in Stuttgart. She also developed a seminar school called Ghatronic in Ghana for using digital programs with the use of PC.

Rik examines outside spaces and the structure of surfaces found all around us: new, worn-down and eaten away by exhaust fumes pollution, rough, smooth, fine, ornamental, figurative, monochrome and so on. She uses graphite to reveal the structures in an authentic way. She renders the image into a new form equivalent to a photograph. The materials Rik uses in her work are graphite ink, watercolor and is currently experimenting with lime (with fresco painting).

Rik will feature her images rendered in Red Hook in a zine that will be left in places in around the neighborhood. A visual map of locations for people to find and explore. This self-made publication is a game of sorts to observe the neighborhood in a different way and asking people to connect the rendered drawings to the actual physical locations.

Julieta Salgado


I’m excited to help rebuild the darkroom at De-Construkt Studios in Red Hook. It’s my hope to not only produce personal artworks but to share the space and my knowledge with other artists, particularly with people who have felt alienated from the formal art world or academia. I want to show Brooklyn that poor people, queer people, black and brown, undocumented people, we can make art!

Julieta Salgado is a queer, femme, mestiza, artist from Brooklyn, NY via Manabí, Ecuador.

A photographer, an occasional poet, a secret singer, and habitual insurgent, her visual work documents social justice movements between homelands, with a focus on trans and queer people at the intersections of immigration enforcement, policing brutality, freedom of movement and self-determination.

Through her self-portraiture, she explores themes of queer sexuality, femme identity, desire, depression, diaspora, death, generational trauma, and unraveling coloniality.

Follow her on Instagram @julieta_salgado

Caro Krebietke
Caro Krebietke’s DIY 35MM Camera
Caro Krebietke’s DIY Photo of Red Hook
Caro Krebietke’s DIY Photo of Red Hook
Caro Krebietke’s DIY Photo of Red Hook


Our February artist in resident is Caro Krebietke a visual artist, associate professor, and curator based in Stuttgart, Germany. Caro’s artistic approach is a research-based which leads her to work in different locations all over the world. Caro has collaborated with international cultural and educational institutions in Italy, Morocco, Czech Republic, Russia, Namibia, Vietnam, Denmark, Romania, and Switzerland as well as in different cities in Germany. She holds a degree in Archaeology, Ethnology, and Egyptology at Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich and a Master of Arts degree in Ceramic Arts at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.

During her residency, Caro will be experimenting with analog photography, specifically with DIY pinhole cameras made from found objects, such as empty beer cans or coffee containers. She will be photographing Red Hook area with these pinhole cameras as part of her long-term research project depicting urban landscapes. Caro will also be offering workshops on how to build DIY pinhole cameras to the local community.

Examples of Caro’s photography with her DIY cameras at https://www.instagram.com/pinholeviewer.

Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff
Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff
Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff
Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff


Madison Manning is a multidisciplinary artist who works in painting, sculpture, and performance. Madison’s large-scale work utilizes bright color palettes, luxuriously tacky textures, and queer feminism to critique of the beauty and behavioral ideals she was taught as a young girl.

During her time at DE-CONSTRUKT, Madison is hosting a month-long party – BIG FUN PARTY WITH ALL YOUR COOL WEIRD STUFF.

Every day in January, Madison will open up her studio to guests who are asked to bring personal items of their choosing. By bringing old clothes, forgotten bobby pins, hidden talents or unanswered questions, Madison wants to hear stories and collaborate on a one-of-a-kind piece of art based on whatever “stuff” the party guest brings.

Each day will be entirely up to chance as it will be based off the unique interaction with the guest(s)- perhaps a painting will be made out the guest’s old clothes. Maybe a performance will be filmed. Maybe a long conversation will happen over tea. In her practice, Madison has a deep affection for her materials and their history. Through her time at DE-CONSTRUKT, she wants to open up her studio to create with others while learning about their connection to their “stuff.”

If you are interested in participating in BIG FUN PARTY WITH ALL YOUR COOL WEIRD STUFF or have general questions, please e-mail madisonmanning@me.com to RSVP.

Visione 2, Ester Grossi
svincolato (acrilico su tela, 50X50, 2014)
Scalea (acrilico su tela, 80X80, 2014)
Poissy (acrilico su tela, 50X50, 2014)
Visione 1 (acrilico su tela, 120X100, 2017)


Our December artist in resident is Ester Grossi, a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in painting. Her interest lies in investigating the power of images in various contexts and to explore new ways to delovelop them across collaborations with other artists. The focus of her pictorial work is to reduce and simplify (in an apparent way), our complex society, full of signs, symbols and information around topics of popular culture and mass communication.

During her residency in Red Hook, Ester is studying the history of maritime architecture with the help of the local community. With this research Ester will develop work on canvas that catch the essense of these complex shapes, textures and colors of Red Hook’s harbor. Her aim is to reduce it to graphic images, something between abstraction and figuration, with the intention to print a limited silkscreen editions of this work.

Ester Grossi, born in 1981 in Avezzano (AQ), Italy. In 2000, she recieved a high school diploma of Fashion, Design and Decor. She later earned a bachelor’s degree of Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production at university of Bologna. Ester collaborates with international film and music festivals, music labels and italian fashion designers as well with musicians and video-artists for multimedia installations. She lives and works as a painter in Bologna, Italy.