Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff
Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff
Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff
Madison Manning invites you to Big Fun Party for Your Weird Cool Stuff


Madison Manning is a multidisciplinary artist who works in painting, sculpture, and performance. Madison’s large-scale work utilizes bright color palettes, luxuriously tacky textures, and queer feminism to critique of the beauty and behavioral ideals she was taught as a young girl.

During her time at DE-CONSTRUKT, Madison is hosting a month-long party – BIG FUN PARTY WITH ALL YOUR COOL WEIRD STUFF.

Every day in January, Madison will open up her studio to guests who are asked to bring personal items of their choosing. By bringing old clothes, forgotten bobby pins, hidden talents or unanswered questions, Madison wants to hear stories and collaborate on a one-of-a-kind piece of art based on whatever “stuff” the party guest brings.

Each day will be entirely up to chance as it will be based off the unique interaction with the guest(s)- perhaps a painting will be made out the guest’s old clothes. Maybe a performance will be filmed. Maybe a long conversation will happen over tea. In her practice, Madison has a deep affection for her materials and their history. Through her time at DE-CONSTRUKT, she wants to open up her studio to create with others while learning about their connection to their “stuff.”

If you are interested in participating in BIG FUN PARTY WITH ALL YOUR COOL WEIRD STUFF or have general questions, please e-mail to RSVP.

Visione 2, Ester Grossi
svincolato (acrilico su tela, 50X50, 2014)
Scalea (acrilico su tela, 80X80, 2014)
Poissy (acrilico su tela, 50X50, 2014)
Visione 1 (acrilico su tela, 120X100, 2017)


Our December artist in resident is Ester Grossi, a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in painting. Her interest lies in investigating the power of images in various contexts and to explore new ways to delovelop them across collaborations with other artists. The focus of her pictorial work is to reduce and simplify (in an apparent way), our complex society, full of signs, symbols and information around topics of popular culture and mass communication.

During her residency in Red Hook, Ester is studying the history of maritime architecture with the help of the local community. With this research Ester will develop work on canvas that catch the essense of these complex shapes, textures and colors of Red Hook’s harbor. Her aim is to reduce it to graphic images, something between abstraction and figuration, with the intention to print a limited silkscreen editions of this work.

Ester Grossi, born in 1981 in Avezzano (AQ), Italy. In 2000, she recieved a high school diploma of Fashion, Design and Decor. She later earned a bachelor’s degree of Television, Cinema and Multimedia Production at university of Bologna. Ester collaborates with international film and music festivals, music labels and italian fashion designers as well with musicians and video-artists for multimedia installations. She lives and works as a painter in Bologna, Italy.

Guide For Returning by Lindsey Clark-Ryan


Our July artist in resident, Lindsey Clark-Ryan, is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in installation and printmaking. She is interested in the precarious boundaries between two-dimensional graphic images and three-dimensional objects, between mobile and stationary, and between function and uselessness. Her work reflects a deadpan and absurdly precise observational attitude toward existing in and archiving the world.

Clark-Ryan while during her residency in Red Hook is testing the interactive aspects of her ongoing project, a Guide for Returning. The project itself is centered around a kinetic approach to printmaking, so it makes sense that these interactive moments should also avoid being static. By setting up pop-up shows in various areas of Red Hook, Clark-Ryan hopes that participants can come up with their own terms for interacting with the project as they encounter it. Each person will translate it through their own experience, and she looks forward to being surprised by reactions and conversations she had not considered before.



On Friday, June 16th, we were visited by 30 Basis Independent Brooklyn students accompanied by several chaperones and their teacher Mrunali Das. We spent the morning highlighting our favorite projects, our intern Eduardo Sotomayor gave insight into artist practices and roots of creativity and we ended with an artist presentation by Adrian Mangel our May artist-in-resident at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts].



FOn June 3rd at 6pm at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] hosted an evening Creative Solidarity a Benefit for RDJ Shelter in support and celebration of the RDJ Refugee Shelter, the only shelter in New York City (Harlem) specifically for homeless asylum seekers and refugees. With our fundraising efforts we raised over $1,100.

It was an important and exciting evening of food, drinks, music, performance, storytelling, a raffle and much more–with all proceeds benefiting the RDJ Refugee Shelter!

The RDJ Refugee Shelter, along with DE-CONSTRUKT, promoted the work of artists, performers, musicians, and activists, created by and in support of asylum seekers living in New York City. The exhibit will include photographs, video, mixed media, and furniture–the result of a furniture refurbishing workshop for shelter guests run by exhibited artist, Ahmed Awney.

Visual and performance artist, Georgia Lale featured her photographs from her performance art project entitled #OrangeVest, which confronts the refugee crisis in Europe with public interventions performed at sites such as the United Nations, The National Mall, and beyond. Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist, showed photographs. Her work investigates the definition and construction of identities, personal memories, culture and collective histories in the post-Internet age. Ahmed Awney featured his latest works–a set of photographs titled “The Fourteen Stations of a Refugee” based on the Stations of the Cross, a Catholic devotion that commemorates Jesus Christ’s last day on Earth as a man. He also elaborated on his workshop program created in collaboration with the RDJ Shelter. We screened a short documentary titled “Bodies of Resilience” directed by Jill Woodward and choreographed by Despina Sophia Stamos.

Performance and musical acts included musicians and spoken word artists from all genres with songs of resistance, revolution, and solidarity. Musical talent comprised of the empowering NYC-based bands Koyt Far Dayn Fardakht, a queer/trans anti-zionist Yiddish punk band, and Fat Boy Wilson & Old Viejo Bones performing folk blues and songs of resistance with a special guest Claudio Montouri aka The Bird Man of Rome and 81ack 8astards, a Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Rock Band Duo whose music discusses the raw material and sociopolitical subject matter that affects the urban and ethnic youth population. Multimedia artist E. Okobi performed spoken word, and musician Chilly G presented poetry and songs. We started the night with vibraphonist Sean McCaul, a NYC based musician/composer who has performed and recorded with a diverse and notable range of artists, including, Philip Glass, Yo Yo Ma, Dean and Britta, and Shilpa Ray.

We ended the evening with DJ Hell, a veteran composer, sound designer, experimental club DJ/turntablist, and video director/producer, creating barrage collages of big beats and noise, seaming together multiple music genres, cultures and generations.

Throughout the night, there will be various opportunites to donate to RDJ Shelter.

We had a raffle to win a Red Hook Lobster Pound $25 gift card, Hometown BBQ– (2) $50 gift cards, Trader Joe’s– gift bag, Fort Defiance– $50 gift certificate, Cacao Prieto – certificate for (2) person weekend tour, Eva Perotta, LMT, RSMT-E – (1) session bodywork certificate, Larissa Humphrey, Personal Trainer – (1) 60 minute at-home, private personal training session including a fitness assessment, nutrition and behavioral counseling, and a total body circuit workout, Van Brunt Stillhouse – (1) certifcate for distillery tour and whiskey tasting for (4) people.

Thank you to all the businsess that donated to the raffle and for Sixpoint Brewery, Richard Dennis, Mark Miller and The Ice House for beer and food donations.

Eduardo Sotomayor


Hello! My name is Eduardo Sotomayor and I am currently a student at NYU studying Art History. I am very excited to begin my internship with DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] and to work alongside everyone who makes the exhibitions, performances, and events possible. I hope to make new connections, sharpen my writing skills, and take in all the learning opportunities when helping to organize the events planned for this summer. Here is a picture of myself and a reproduction of a work by the young Columbian artist Felipe Arturo that has recently resonated with me. I cannot wait to see how the summer unfolds!

Eduardo Sotomayor


Adrian Mangel a painter, born and raised in Costa Rica, is our artist in residence for June 2017. He has show work in many group shows in New York and abroad, including venues such as the Art Director’s Club, the Society of Illustrators, and Rochester Art Center. Mangel’s work is often concerned with his experimentation in materiality. His style of painting is what drives his subjects, rather than the other way around.

Mangel is currently working on a series of gas station drawings on paper, and is expanding them to a larger scale on canvas. He is continuing his series of sports paintings in particular tying them to Eduardo Galeano’s book “El Futbol a Sol y Sombra”.

During his residency, Mangel is exploring how to transform his drawings into mass-produced items as part of a greater installation resembling a traditional Mexican street market. Calling into question the relationship between craft and art, artisanal products and mass production.

To view Adrian Mangel’s work visit


We are looking for someone to do an exchange we have a darkroom here at our project space that needs some love here in Red Hook. We have everything that is needed it just needs to be set up properly including fixing some light leaks through the wall. In exchange for helping us you will have free access for agreed time to use. For more information send an email to

Prototyp Festival Brno


DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] have been invited to take part in an art and technology festival in Czech Republic, on November 11-13, in 2016 called Prototyp. The theme this year is nature and the four elements; Earth, Fire, Water and Air. We are hosting a call for artists working with technology.

This is a wonderful opportunity for artists to participate in a two day festival in Brno and host a workshop in Prague. Last year the festival attendance was close to 2000 visitors and was well received by the press. You can also visit their Prototyp facebook page to see photos of last years festival.

We are currently seeking funding to form a collective to collaborate on projects for this festival. Could this be you? Are you an artist/musician/creative that works with technology? email



RECIPROCATE || ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse | ARCHIVE-PERFORMANCE-INSTALLATION
A summer series of eco-dance LABS culminates with an archive-performance-installation choreographed & facilitated by, Corinne Cappelletti and Eva Perrotta, and accompanied with live sound by, Fa Ventilato. Taste, witness, make and gather within this live Installation at DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts] with performance integrated throughout the installation at random. Interact with the living and breathing echo of our creative research that seeks to understand:

• What is the function of ruderal species in the city and what can we learn from them?
• How do we deal with the grief, loss and waste in the land and also in our bodies?
• How can we reflect inward and discover our bodies as a land to better understand our relationship to nature?

Meander throughout the installation of archives (plant-matter, notes, drawings, photos and self reflection) collected from building and designing the eco-dance LABS and choreography that are a part of the durational social experiment, ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse. Systems for reciprocity are designed throughout this event for continued gifting, reflection and your own creation. Wild-crafted tinctures, edibles, teas and cocktails made of local plants will be shared.

ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse seeks to understand the life, function and characteristics of the wild plants of Red Hook; and to foster a reciprocal relationship between the natural habitat and the urban community. We intend to expand the choreographic practice by building interactive performance rituals with and by the public. With this, we remind ourselves that the act of performing is coming from ancient traditions where the entire community was involved. The act of witnessing is a key component to the growth process and an act of sharing through our fieldwork, LABS, and performance installation.

In order to better understand the nature of the urban landscape, ro͞odərəl aims to create reciprocity and inclusivity. We offer experimental labs designed in the form of a walking tour, that empowers the local environment—both natural and man-made, as well as the people who live within it. Attitudes can shift. Claiming space, within our own lives, bodies, and the public domain, thereby deepening our practices with nature in public spaces. Supported in this platform, we can re-discover what it means to share public space and local wisdom.

For more information visit ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse project page.