Julieta Salgado


I’m excited to help rebuild the darkroom at De-Construkt Studios in Red Hook. It’s my hope to not only produce personal artworks but to share the space and my knowledge with other artists, particularly with people who have felt alienated from the formal art world or academia. I want to show Brooklyn that poor people, queer people, black and brown, undocumented people, we can make art!

Julieta Salgado is a queer, femme, mestiza, artist from Brooklyn, NY via ManabĂ­, Ecuador.

A photographer, an occasional poet, a secret singer, and habitual insurgent, her visual work documents social justice movements between homelands, with a focus on trans and queer people at the intersections of immigration enforcement, policing brutality, freedom of movement and self-determination.

Through her self-portraiture, she explores themes of queer sexuality, femme identity, desire, depression, diaspora, death, generational trauma, and unraveling coloniality.

Follow her on Instagram @julieta_salgado

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