Jazz Right Now


Cisco Bradley is a professor of history at the Pratt Institute. Cisco became involved in New York’s free jazz, improvised, and experimental music scenes after moving to the city in 2011. In 2013, he founded, where he has published numerous interviews and reviews, and also has built a living archive of the music. He also founded the non-profit organization New Revolution Arts, which began organizing concerts and arts events in 2014.

New Revolution Arts was founded in 2014 to organize events in the free jazz, improvised, and experimental range of music, but has grown to also feature an interdisciplinary array of avant-garde arts including poetry, performance, film, and visual art. The organization keeps its eye focus fixed on the cutting edge and aims to illuminate the work of daring young and emerging artists.

Ultracultural Others

ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS is a collaborative intentional community model at the frontlines of a spiritual zeitgeist. Our Urban Mystery Skool offers a micro-residency and immersive wellness program for radical creatives in Manhattan’s Lower East Side as well as bi-annual Hip Hop Yoga retreats in the jungle of Thailand. Directed by UNDAKOVA & Or Nah with the radical feminist collective Go! Push Pops and rotating guest faculty, our intention is to build a self-sustaining, mystical urban wellness initiative which functions as a prosperity generator for the arts community, dynamic hive of creative innovation, education and resource center, and source of planetary healing.