Stop swiping, clicking, and blocking. Get off the app and get out in front of other introverts at Alterna-Date!

Alterna-date is a monthly singles event (one for heterosexuals and one for queers) in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Themed and hosted, Alterna-date is just the place for the shy to meet their match. Prior to event, attendees will be given a very short questionnaire to describe themselves and what type of relationship they are looking for. Upon entry, attendees will be given a sticky tag with a number, or can give their name, as a means to mingle or have others write “like notes” that will be hand delivered by our on site match maker. There will also be an option every 10-15 minutes to be a “featured single” where you or the match maker will announce you and a fun fact to the party as a group in order to drive more traffic your way. Through out the evening there will be trivia and ice breakers as well. You level of interaction and anonymity is up to YOUR comfort level, and assisted as needed!

Admission also includes free beer, snacks, and potential Insta-Date, exclusive discount at local bars or restaurants for Alterna-daters right after the event so you can get to know someone better, one-on-one.

Upcoming themes include: Sci Fi Nerds, Cat Lovers, Gamers, and Harry Potter!

A Philadelphia native, Larissa Humphrey created Alterna-Date with a background in fashion, nightlife, human resources, activism, and mind/body work. Larissa lives in Brooklyn with her cats, Dorian Gray and Klaus Nomi.

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