The pedestrian project is an interactive, social/public art experiment, origins unknown, a public record documented by the public. The pedestrian project is a list of assignments found in public space, completed + compiled for further study, analyzed + then exhibited online.

An example of an assignment is called “who do you love?” The purpose of the assignment is to document love. In order to complete the assignment a list of instructions need to be followed;
1. submit a photo of someone you love
2. do not include any personal details of this person
3. you must not tell the person about this assignment
4. you must not be in the photo that you submit
5. you must include a brief synopsis of when you realized when you were in love

Completed assignments are then either mailed or they are submitted through email. All mailed assignments become part of the pedestrian collection.

We are looking for partners who would like to implement The Pedestrian Project at your school, in your village, workplace or community. Please email for more information.

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